Election 2020

Election 2020

Voting is important. We all know this. At BAM, we believe that voting is so important that it is called out in our Employee Handbook to allow people to have a flexible schedule to accommodate voting. This year with all employees working from home, circumstances are different. As such, the Principals have decided to designate Election Day as a No Meeting Day. On November 3rd, we will have no scheduled meetings. BAM employees will refrain from accepting meetings on Tuesday 11/3 unless mission critical. By having a completely open day, people can go to the voting polls whenever it is convenient for them.

Check these locations for information on how to vote in the 2020 election in person or via absentee ballot.

Congrats to Our New Parents!

Congrats to Our New Parents!

Welcome Scarlett Yang!

Welcome Maeve Austin!

Free-Address: Workplace Strategies by BAM Creative

Free Address

Free-address work environments improve employee productivity and satisfaction. The shift to a free-address workplace gives way to Activity Based Environments (ABEs). Less fixed, private space means many organizations have found their real estate costs are reduced when switching to Activity Based Environments. The open office becomes a “choose your own adventure” experience, with distinct spaces-within-a-space that each facilitate a different way to work. While a factory-like sea of identical workstations inspires rote, perfunctory labor; diverse niches, nooks, and pods make users feel more in touch with their unique intellectual traits which enable them to tackle creative, analytic work.

Free-address work environments improve employee productivity and satisfaction. The shift to a free-address workplace gives way to Activity Based Environments (ABEs). Less fixed, private space means many organizations have found their real estate costs are reduced when switching to Activity Based Environments. The open office becomes a “choose your own adventure” experience, with distinct spaces-within-a-space that each facilitate a different way to work. While a factory-like sea of identical workstations inspires rote, perfunctory labor; diverse niches, nooks, and pods make users feel more in touch with their unique intellectual traits which enable them to tackle creative, analytic work.

Space type boundaries will be implied by transitions in lighting, acoustics, and furniture, rather than solid walls. The role of adjacency planning slides away as employees determine their own adjacency needs each day.

As free-address, Activity Based Environments are so customizable, end-user studies and input are essential to nail down program requirements that will facilitate the specific work and team structure of the office. While a free-address environment is often associated with a casual company culture, hierarchical structures can still be maintained while providing employees with greater choice over their working environment.

More so than privacy or personal space, humans feel empowered by having choice.

Case Study Results from companies who adopted Activity Based Environements:

Gerson Lehrman Group NYC:

  • 67% of Employees use multiple workspaces
  • 92% of Employees described ABEs as “fun”

ANZ Bank Melbourne:

  • 14 space types created as a result of end-user observation
  • 4 hours instead of 4 days, became the new  decision-making speed

Microsoft Amsterdam

  • 25% Productivity Gain
  • 30% Real Estate Savings

About Free-Address: The Basics

Free-Address Working, similar to Hot-desking or Hoteling, is a desking method that assigns no seats: people are instead free to work where there is an open spot, based on the activity they are doing.

What brought it about?

The shift to free-address is facilitated by the removal of computer towers, pens, and papers/books. Now work is aided by slim laptops and smartphones. Most employees expect the flexibility to work when and where they feel suits them best. Among millennials, one study showed nearly 90% of the best and brightest would not accept a job offer that did not provide for flexibility. Now that the location of “work” is much more transient, there is no need for employers to offer each employee their own makeshift home in the office.

Role of the employer

People are the biggest cost of running a business. The shift to free-address is often framed as a real estate and utility bill cost savings, which, while valid, can make employees, who value personal space, feel undervalued and resentful of the change.

While real estate savings are motivating, the profit center of any company is its people. To preserve output/ revenue stream, keeping employees satisfied and productive should be the drivers behind a physical and operational shift. Far greater success is seen when a company’s Real Estate and HR departments work in conjunction to enact a migration to a free-address workplace.

To make the shift more “people-centered,” consider using a migration to free-address as a vehicle to improve upon frequent employee complaints – like lighting and acoustics. Involve employees into the pre-design planning process and have the end result be a space that actually gives them more agency by offering more options and higher control over their work environment.

Overarching Goal: Creating Choice

To give up privacy, employees will want choices. Provide spaces to choose from that offer varying levels of privacy/collaboration potential. Humans like choices.

Consider the hierarchy of private phone booths, huddle rooms, large conference spaces, and open collaboration areas with ample worksurfaces. Spartan, monotonous, factory-like open offices imply rote, perfunctory labor. The future of “open office” lies in creating distinct niches, nooks, pods, etc. that make users feel more in touch with their unique intellectual traits which enable them to tackle creative, analytic work.

A traditional space plan would locate shared public spaces adjacent to who will be using them the most to ensure easy access. With free-address workspaces, employees have the flexibility to locate their desk adjacent to a conference space if they anticipate many meetings that day, or nearer to a phone booth if they have several private calls lined up. Adjacency planning for different business units or departments may become less important as employees determine their own adjacency needs each day. Greater importance will be placed on fostering distinct activity based environments (ABE) via FF&E selection, wayfinding, acoustic performance, lighting, and thoughtful integration of technology.

Operational Success

Reflecting an ongoing trend in the workplace - free-address can create a more egalitarian office culture.

Company Structure

Consider opening partner/principal “offices” to the rest of the team when these folks are on vacation or working from home. If senior management would like, they also have the option to slide into the bullpen and work alongside junior staff, breaking down perceived hierarchical boundaries. For more hierarchical workplaces, assign time-slots for reserving a desk based on seniority. Senior staff can guarantee they have the resources they/their team members need at their disposal, and junior staff will most likely select a space based on their manager’s location.

Social Capital

One of the biggest people-focused draws to free-address is the goal that people from other departments, teams, and backgrounds start collaborating more: resulting in fresh ideas. This is especially important for creative workforces.

If grouping project teams is a part of company culture, teams can sit together as needed for the project’s life cycle, while easily dipping into and out of the seating pod if project staffing flexes. There is no need for a company-wide seating chart shake-up to accommodate for staffing shifts. For spread-out project teams seeking to stay connected, try starting each day with a project team huddle. In either case, use software, like a Slack channel, to help employees locate their coworkers from day to day.

To develop camaraderie and address the loss of personalized desks, provide a shared space for employees to share personal info – like a bulletin board they can post on, or a shared staff lounge employees may bring books or plants to on a quarterly basis. Companies can allocate time for one on one checkpoints and camaraderie-building meetings during the week: with a peer, with a senior leader, or with an unfamiliar colleague.

Data presented by Inc.com reflects up to 40% of an office’s dedicated desk space goes unused.

Change Management Strategy

Regarding change management strategies pre-design: perform studies on team fluidity, what type of work/collaboration is done by how many people, and try free-address with one section of the office who is rarely at their desks. Successful design will be dictated by early stakeholder involvement. The more the end-user can inform the design, and feel empowered by doing so, the more free-address workplaces will improve and proliferate.

End-user studies are key to determining how many individual workspaces to provide – a figure that greatly impacts site selection re: sq. footage needed (and rent to pay). Determine how many individual workstations may be in use during peak demand. Provide a generous quantity of seats at the beginning and flex down as employees embrace the agile work lifestyle. Employees are more likely to embrace the change if they feel they came to identify the benefits on their own.

Rules and Regulations

To ensure operational success, many companies employ rules, such as not staying at the same work area for more than 2 consecutive days. Companies should define what constitutes a desk activity (not eating or taking personal calls). However, some case studies have shown senior staff struggle to follow rules put in place in a free-address environment. To “flatten the workplace hierarchy” by promising equitable access to spaces consider using a scheduling app. A company branded check-in app or “virtual concierge” kiosk that allows team members to see available space and reserve an area for a pre-determined amount of time can function as an impartial intermediary for this conflict.

Nevertheless, rather than implement inflexible rules, studies show that maybe the most successful strategy is to use thoughtful design and integration of technology to send messages to move around more into the subconscious. People are much more willing to do something when they aren’t being told to.

Study Your Space

What are typical staff movement patterns throughout the day?

How do people meet and congregate, and how many?

Are there some staff groups that are more mobile than others?

What activities take place at desks that could take place elsewhere?

Acoustics, Lighting, and Occupant Control

Varying open desks by these combination of sensorial factors gives a sense of agency to the employee when they select their desk for the day.

As desks sit unused, traditional open offices with general overhead lighting continue to pay utility bills each month to light empty real estate. Implement task lighting. Employees will respond favorably to the increased control/customization over their temporary workspace, and electricity use will be economized. If daylight access is achieved, the need for general overhead lighting is even less. Task lighting may only be needed for employees working at night. Additionally, in free-address workspaces, paper is largely or completely replaced with digital documents. Most reading will be illuminated by backlit screens, further reducing the need for overhead lighting.

The number one complaint in the workplace post occupancy is acoustics. Acoustic treatments create options. Noise is a zero-sum game. By giving employees a range of shared amenity spaces to carry out different tasks, the problem of noise control in a free-address office is mitigated. Acoustic performance can be designed with the noise level of each type of work activity in mind.

As for actual work desks – employees may mourn the loss of a customized personal workstation. To give back some of the feeling of control – consider providing options within the selection of desks: bright lighting or dim? Library-quiet or ambient noise? Varying open desks by these combination of sensorial factors gives a sense of agency to the employee when they select their desk for the day.


Enhanced wayfinding is beneficial in a free-address environment, especially in large workplaces where employees may find themselves in uncharted territory as they migrate around the office.

Implement strong “neighborhood” identifiers, whether a simple color or high-concept design theme. Employees often remark that free-address workplaces feel uncomfortably impersonal and sterile – so use this as a fun design opportunity.

Epic Systems’ campus near Madison, WI has an Alice in Wonderland themed building: “Mr. David’s team was able to provide landmarks that give direction and define “neighborhoods” amongst what used to be indiscernible hallways.”

Using floor patterning in different colors + sizes to define space boundaries and help social distancing.

Establishing a concept makes the wayfinding process fun + easy.

Ancillary Space

Activity-Based Environments offer the opportunity to use a variety of unique ancillary furniture pieces.


To make up for lost storage space in the individual workspaces personal lockers will need to be used. Consider convenient placement of lockers since employees will likely need to access them throughout the day. Also consider that employees will need a convenient security measure – a key which gets lost or combination which is forgotten will cause operational woe. This is an opportunity for employing technological advancements – like fingerprint scanning or using a barcode scanner of an employee badge, coupled with a manual override backstop. Locker locations can provide a useful opportunity to help organize a floor plan. Similar to a “locker room”, lockers can be located as one large communal area at the back of the office. Alternatively, by grouping smaller clusters of lockers in designated areas of the floor, staff are given closer access to their personal items. Another option is integrating lockers into furniture such as end cap storage at open desking. Grouping lockers like this would suggest locations for staff to occupy. This would also encourage groups of people who are working together on a team to occupy the same space.

Privacy Booths

A natural drawback to free-address is a reduction of privacy. Modular privacy booths close-off space in 3 dimensions without added construction. Employees can take personal or sensitive business calls without transmitting background noise or sacrificing integrity. Larger booths may accommodate 2-4 people, providing a space for small huddle sessions.


Activity-Based Environments offer the opportunity to use a variety of unique ancillary furniture pieces, creating a rich and playful landscape. Identical cubicles and private offices work well when each employee is stationed in one spot throughout the workday, but continual movement and socialization will be encouraged by visual intrigue spread across the office.


Free-address staff can benefit from having some personal desking accessories, which may be returned to their lockers or to their home at the end of the workday:

Pop-up, desktop privacy screens prevent aerial transmission between deskmates. Staff should be encouraged (and required) to sanitize their screens daily.

Rolling out a personal desktop mat can reduce contamination on shared surfaces. Staff should be encouraged (and required) to sanitize their mats daily.

Free-address staff may also benefit from having some shared desking accessories, which promote a uniform sanitation protocol among staff.

Free-address systems should implement “sanitation stations” that provide easy access to hand sanitizer and wipes. Be mindful that as aerosols may increase aerial transmission, antimicrobial wipes should be prioritized over sprays.

Facial tissues should be offered within reach of each workstation, and personal trash receptacles should be offered in close proximity. Consider a receptacle with a foot pedal-activated lid.

PPE receptacles can offer a safe place for mask and glove disposal. Consider a receptacle with a foot pedal-activated lid.

Pop-up, dekstop privacy screens.

In shared spaces, motion-sensing equipment eliminates high-touch surfaces, thus reducing germ transmission.

COVID-19 and Facilities Maintenance

Make sure to enact a thorough EOD cleaning protocol and a way to indicate that a workspace has been cleaned and is available for use.

What Surfaces should you regularly be cleaning?

+ Desk Worksurfaces
+ Counters and Tables
+ Light Switches and Plates
+ Door Hardware and Railings
+ Keyboards and Mice
+ Remote Controls
+ Drawer Pulls
+ Sinks and Faucets

Who cleans what, and when?

Occupants should be clearly reminded of high-touch surfaces to clean after each use. More employees using the same spaces means more frequent cleaning is needed. Create a policy of employees cleaning desks before and after each use, and provide cleaning materials at many locations (and include thoughtful storage) to promote the practice.

At a high level, having a free-address policy in place streamlines shifting to WFH as needed.

Who takes ownership for repairs and ongoing maintenance, even turning off/on overhead lights? Develop an EOD cleaning/operations policy that relates to facilities staff as well, defining what may be cleaned, turned off, or thrown out; and what is personal property or collaborative work in progress to be left alone.


For new free-address furniture systems, consider the longevity of viruses on certain surfaces. The COVID-19 virus can survive on smooth surfaces (such as stainless steel) for up to three days. A work surface that has been treated with an antimicrobial finish can reduce the viral survival rate to as little a few hours. Manufacturers may offer an antimicrobial finish that can be added to hard and soft surfaces without compromising the design. One post-pandemic consideration is to specify privacy booths that have air filtration built into the unit, which keeps air circulating to reduce the buildup of potential airborne illness.


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End Systemic Racism

Hatred and oppression have no place in a country in which we want to live. It is now long overdue for society to reflect and take active steps to end systemic racism and discrimination. To do our part to create a more aware and inclusive society, BAM and Queens Defenders are collaborating to examine and take steps to correct implicit bias effecting all professional careers.

By first examining bias and current industry demographics, we’re creating a toolkit of resources and guidelines to empower people and organizations to be more fair in their hiring and promotion practices. We’ll be adding more information to this page as our research continues – stay tuned!

In addition to our efforts, we want to highlight organizations defending justice and reforming society:

BAM Los Angeles On the Move!

BAM Los Angeles On the Move!

BAM LA moving mailer + graphics 20190402-04_Blog-Email

With our expanding team and growing project list, BAM is pleased to announce that our LA office is moving!

We’re excited to relocate to a larger space within the same building.

As of April 5, 2019, BAM Los Angeles will be located at:

453 South Spring Street
Suite 408
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Come visit BAM Los Angeles at our new home!

BAM Community

BAM Community

In addition to her role as BAM principal, Pamela Cole is a certified yoga instructor and shares her passion for yoga with the office.

Each yoga session has a theme, and the theme for the recent sessions focused on BAM community.

Pamela opened the yoga session by explaining the origins of the name BAM. BAM does not stand for anything – it is not the initials of the founders nor is it the name of any one person. Instead, we are BAM, and it symbolizes the talented and inspiring people that comprise our team.


Above are two yoga moves that Pamela has introduced to our team over the January and February yoga sessions. Much like BAM’s approach to projects, successful execution requires strong communication, trust in those around you, and smooth collaboration.

BAM’s community yoga was featured on Defy Daily.

Thank you, Pamela, for providing an opportunity for reflection and team bonding.


Happy Holidays from BAM Architecture Studio!

Happy Holidays from BAM Architecture Studio!

2018 BAM Holiday Party

From BAM to you, warm wishes for a joyous holiday season!


BAM: Color Coordination

BAM: Color Coordination

At BAM, we pride ourselves on our well-coordinated and highly collaborative teams. Upon arriving on-site for a client, members of the BAM NY team realized they were also coordinated in their clothing!

BAM_Coordinated Interiors

Excellent coordination, team!


BAM New York On the Move!

BAM New York On the Move!


As BAM continues to grow and evolve, so do our offices!

We are excited to announce that as of August 27th, BAM’s New York office will be located in the Flatiron District at:

30 West 24th Street
7th Floor
New York, NY 10010

Our phone numbers will stay the same. Nothing else has changed about us.

While BAM New York is moving, our Los Angeles office is staying at the current address.

Come visit BAM Los Angeles at 453 South Spring Street, Suite 1141.

We look forward to new and continuing collaborations!


BAM: Solving Complex Design Problems



Collaborating with St. Vincent's Medical Center, BAM designed a high-end hybrid operating room for their Bridgeport hospital.  Marrying hospitality with hard science resulted in the patient entering into an EP lab outfitted with relaxing, spa-level amenities.  Upon discovering that surgery is needed, the space is instantly transformed into a sterile operating room.

The capacity to examine and perform surgery in one room resulted in reduced patient stress, the ability for doctors to provide more efficient treatment, and the hospital to gain higher patient throughput and profitability.  A win-win-win for all parties involved.

BAM Outings: New Museum + Escape Room LA

BAM Outings: New Museum + Escape Room LA

As Ross is a pilot, our team was inspired to snap a group photo in front of the large, detailed airplane!

Each quarter, our team gathers together outside of work for a BAM Outing. Each outing is planned by a different member of BAM, bringing us closer as a team through our individual interests. During our June outing, the New York BAMMERs took advantage of our location by visiting the nearby New Museum. The recently opened exhibitions fostered excitement and lively discussions among the BAM team. As designers of built environments, Thomas Bayrle’s Playtime exhibit especially interested our team through the immersive, repeating patterns and large-scale drawings.

The Los Angeles BAMMERs recent outing took the team on an adventure through Escape Room LA’s game The Pyramid. Reminiscent of the Legends of the Hidden Temple and Indiana Jones, the detailed, themed decor was of special interest to our team as a fun example of how architecture and design influences and improves a person’s experience.


By working together to solve a series of puzzles and complete challenges, The Pyramid was a way for everyone to have a great time through team building and the feeling of being action movie heroes.

BAM Thought Leadership: Evolving Design Trends


BKS LAHQ HKC PDC Combined 2018

Speaking engagements are an inspiring way to engage others by sharing insights as industry leaders. We are proud to announce that BAM team members Brian Spence and Helen Cohen are speaking at two upcoming events that delve into the evolving environment of architecture and design.

Read below to learn more and come say hello!

LAHQ The Inside Track on SoCal Projects
March 15th

For the 2nd year in a row, BAM Principal Brian has been invited by LAHQ to host a round table discussion. Come and meet Brian if you're curious about game-changing projects and rising trends in the Southern California design scene.

Arranged by the Los Angeles Headquarters Association (LAHQ), this event fosters collaboration and discussion between the leading design players in Southern California.

Learn more and register for this event at LAHQ.

Thursday, March 15, 2018
5:00PM – 7:00PM

California Club
538 S. Flower Street
Los Angeles, CA
New York, New York 90071

PDC Summit 2018: Adapting to the Shifting Tempo of Healthcare
March 25th-28th

Public Private Partnership Delivers a Medical Village
March 26th, 1:45PM

Patients are the priority for hospitals - but how can patients receive an improved experience in both comfort and efficiency? A medical village may be the answer. Join BAM's Healthcare Practice Leader Helen as she speaks on a panel with Stantec, Montefiore Medical Center, and other firms involved in creating a "Medical Village" for Montefiore.

Hosted by American Hospital Association and the American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE), this conference brings together the preeminent players in healthcare and design.

Learn more and register for this convention at PDC Summit 2018.

PDC Summit
Sunday, March 25th-Wednesday, March 28th

2018 PDC Summit Convention Center
Music City Center
201 5th Ave S
Nashville, TN 37203


BAM Yoga

BAM Yoga

Pam teaching the BAM team yoga basics, starting with Dandasana (Seated Mountain Pose) and reciting a poem to bring us to a calm place.

Last Thursday, BAM Yogi Pam led the office in a yoga class. Pam began by reciting a poem to bring us to a calm place.


It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. Peace means to be in the midst of these things and still be calm in your heart.

~ Unknown

Playing sounds from the Grand Canyon, Pam guided our breathing as we transitioned from Dandasana (Seated Mountain Pose) to Navasana (Boat Pose) and other yoga poses.

A huge thank you to Pam for sharing your passion for yoga with us. You supported us at all our experience levels, and it was wonderful to come together as a team for a period of relaxation.

See photo above from the yoga class, including the impromptu yoga mats made out of carpet samples!

BAM Holiday Celebrations

BAM Holiday Celebrations

02_BAM Holiday 2017_Group_sam_syrop

Each December, BAM hosts a holiday party for our team members to celebrate the past year with delicious food, good company, a Secret Santa, and a few reindeer games. Though the distance between the New York and Los Angeles offices mean separate celebrations, the office always comes together before the New York holiday party for the BAM toast. BAM LA may be seen on the monitor in the background of the BAM company photo.

Led by the company principals, the BAM toast recounts office achievements of the previous year of new clients, exciting projects with current clients, and hallmark moments of the team.  This year, the BAM toast focused on the three important tenets of BAM: do great work, own your fire, and treat people fairly.

Thank you to everyone at BAM for sharing your design creativity, your passion for projects, and your collaboration to do truly great work.

We also extend our gratitude to our clients for your partnership and innovative design opportunities to support you now and for the future.

Wishing everyone all the best in 2018!


Season's Greetings from BAM

Season's Greetings from BAM


People all around the country came together on August 21, 2017 to marvel at the total eclipse.

To commemorate the unifying experience of the August eclipse, BAM selected the Total Eclipse of the Sun stamp to send with our holiday cards this year. The first heat-sensitive US postal stamp, a touch of the thumb reveals the moon beneath the eclipsed form.

We chose to highlight the recent eclipse as an inspiring reminder that we are all on this earth together.

One of BAM’s passions is our annual donation to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Each year, we are proud to support Make-A-Wish in its mission of granting “the wish of every child diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition.”

Whether realizing a dream of Wish Kids or sharing in a rare total eclipse, these experiences are a reminder that shared passion has a tremendous effect.

HATCHspaces: Urban Landscape Revitalized and Repositioned

33_HATCH happenings_2017

LA Business Journal features a BAM designed project, HATCHspaces, as front page news for its unique adaptive reuse approach to support a burgeoning biotech neighborhood.

BAM’s landmark project has also caught the attention of respected industry organizations, such as the Los Angeles chapter of the Urban Land Institute. As one of the key sites on the sold-out ULI Fall Meeting tour Adaptive Use: Obsolete Industrial to New Economy, HATCHspaces is a prime example of how revitalizing spaces bring new life and industry to a community.

In addition to the Fall Meeting, ULI’s magazine Urbanland highlights the influence of HATCHspaces in the article Building a Bioscience Cluster in East Los Angeles. Co-written by Fiona Lyons of Agora Partners and Tulsi Patel of ELP Advisors and LA Bioscience Hub, the article delves into how HATCHspaces is fostering a local culture of life sciences.

Agora Partners and ASG Real Estate engaged BAM to lead the adaptive reuse of an old line industrial property into the state-of-the-art HATCHspaces Bioscience Facility. Our team is giving special consideration to the market repositioning of the property, combining the varied elements of renovation, ground-up work and technical conversion of the factory and warehouse into a practical and visually exciting space to attract leading scientists and researchers. Currently in progress, HATCHspaces has been highlighted in the news and throughout A/E/C and biotech circles for its community-focused goal of providing the resources for biotech startups to hatch and grow in Los Angeles.

Industry Giant Re-Engages BAM


Innovation is born from the desire to learn, collaboration with a diverse team, the drive to improve upon current practices, and the tools to turn ideas into reality. The design of a space, from the aesthetic feel to the ease of access to technology, strongly influences the speed to innovation. BAM has successfully completed highly technical facilities for our client, leading to research and products that change the landscape of findings in science.

With our capacity for efficient communication, understanding client needs, and smooth project delivery, our team was recently awarded multiple opportunities for a confidential aerospace client. In line with these new opportunities, BAM has designed cutting-edge environments for science, innovation, and learning by incorporating a few key elements into each design:

Equipment for technological breakthroughs

Technology, from computers to laboratories to aeronautics, enables our client to research and develop a variety of groundbreaking solutions to problems that exist today. BAM has worked closely with the client to determine the exact equipment to suit their needs, and ensured they had the necessary power to keep the equipment running at the highest efficiency. Our team tracked the actions of the scientists throughout the development process and designed an equipment layout to follow these steps, resulting in ease to track results and improve methods. Efficiency in the development process results in products getting to market faster.

In support of physical science research, BAM is designing technically demanding manufacturing spaces and integrated laboratories to create, study and test products and systems in extremely realistic simulations. From client meetings, our team understands that exact temperatures are vital to the manufacturing process, and we are mindful of these details in design. The unique manufacturing oven features liquid nitrogen and nitrogen gases to maintain the correct level of cooling with the heat exhaust and off-gasses safely vented during the manufacturing process. Clients utilize integrated laboratories to capture information of how a product will withstand varied situations, and this enables researchers to improve products through concrete data. A key benefit is the ability to draw investors to the product, as potential customers have the opportunity to see the new product in action.

Collaboration breeds creativity

How do innovative ideas come to be? There are many factors, but an element that stands out is the fresh approach that comes from sharing your thoughts with others. The opportunity to brainstorm problems and discuss ideas away from desks and outside the laboratory in more informal settings puts creators and inventors in different mindsets. BAM has designed pantries that expand beyond the traditional role of a small place to store food and prepare meals. Modern salons that encourage exchange of ideas, our pantries feature long, shared counters, small and medium tables with comfortable seats, and room in the kitchen for chances to chat by the water cooler or coffee machine made frictionless with technology on demand.

Similar to the pantry, for spaces that have often served one primary function, our designers have created a multi-use space by incorporating the idea of teamwork into the layout. Interior pedestrian bridges transform into ideal areas to relax and discuss ideas openly with beautiful landscape views and colorful, cozy sofas that wind into interesting shapes. Huddle areas are an easy addition into any office, from small spaces to open areas. Created specifically with collaboration in mind, huddle areas may feature tall tables or a few close seats throughout an office for impromptu meetings and discussions.

At BAM, remaining attentive to technological needs and designing spaces that support collaboration led to repeat project engagements. This continued partnership speaks to BAM’s larger goal – designing for the success of our client.

Dan Castner Joins IFMA NYC Panel on Commercial Renovations


On June 20th, BAM principal and IFMA Programs Chair Dan Castner will join a panel of diverse leaders in the New York design industry. Experienced professionals will share their knowledge and highlight key items to consider before starting a commercial renovation project. If you have had questions about furniture and finishes selection, determining end-user needs, technological upgrades, or other aspects of the renovation process, this panel is for you!

June 20, 2017
5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

330 5th Avenue Floor 12
New York NY 10002

Become an expert in renovations - register today!

BAM Participates In Take Our Daughters and Sons To Work Day

BAM Participates In Take Our Daughters and Sons To Work Day

A few younger team members joined the LA office for a series of design activities on Take Our Daughters and Sons To Work Day. Olivia, the daughter of BAM principal Brian, assisted the office by selecting samples from the materials library, reviewing drawings with her father, and enhancing the office décor through innovative copy machine art. While a bit too young to help his father Mark, the new BAM baby Blake held the important dual roles of being adorable and cheering on the team.

Participation in Take Our Sons And Daughters To Work Day continues BAM’s dedication to provide a supportive, family-friendly office culture and improve our community. We have previously been invited into classrooms discuss the real-world connection between geometry and architecture and our team has volunteered for events hosted by the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. We enjoy these opportunities to provide fun environments that encourage students to think about their future, no matter their age.

Photography © BAM Creative

Brian Spence named as Panelist on AIA LA BioTech Forum


Founding Principal at BAM, Brian has been invited to present on an AIA panel of distinguished leaders in the Los Angeles A/E/C industry.

Focusing on the adaptive reuse of old line industrial property for biotech labs, Brian will discuss the conversion and market repositioning of underutilized commercial sites.  He will focus on BAM’s exciting collaboration with Alhambra Agora, LLC on the HATCHspaces biotech facility. BAM led the conversion of a factory and warehouse into a facility that provides the resources for biotech startups to hatch and grow in Los Angeles.   See the latest updates on HATCH here.

Featuring two case studies of repositioning properties for biotech use, attendees will walk away with fresh insights into the evolving trends of design, real estate and site selection for research, science and technology startups.

March 14, 2017
5:30pm - 7:30pm

Buro Happold Consulting Engineers Inc.
800 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90017

Space is limited – register today!

Click below to see photos from the event.
Read more

BAM + ANFA Connections: BridgeSynapses


Connections: BridgeSynapses is a conference hosted by the Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture (ANFA). Held at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, the conference invites renowned speakers to share their research on the human physiological response to the built environment.

BAM principals Pam Cole and Ross Cole were in attendance, and are starting 2017 by sharing innovative findings that will strongly improve the world of design.
1. Architects apply science to the built world.
Fact: Every single brain is unique, imprinted by biology and previous encounters. There is no such thing as a ‘universal brain.’
: Beauty is in the brain of the beholder.1
Proven: Configuration of a space promotes different behaviors.2

Does your space promote the behaviors you want to see?  If yes, understand and preserve it.  If not, understand and change it. But how? Changing peripheral influences may elicit the desired behavior.

Did you know the peripheral aspects of space are shown to have more influence on outcomes than the focal point?  For years, we’ve been taught to put our energies into the spotlight – that key thing that is the focus of our eyes.  Studies by several presenters demonstrated that the peripheral aspects, including the actions going on visually at the perimeter, acoustics, and materials heavily influence our perception of space.  This phenomenon is not just limited to rooms.  Facial recognition is another area where periphery is a major component of understanding.  Eric Kandel, the 2000 Nobel Prize winner, demonstrated this at the conference.  Without creating a spoiler alert, contact Ross Cole and he’ll show you what he demonstrated.  It’s pretty fascinating.

2. Stress + Resilience = Enriched Outcome

Fact: Americans spend 87% of their time indoors.
Proven:  The built environment can either accelerate or inhibit resiliency. 3

Several presenters were investigating stress, outlined as a physical, chemical or emotional factor that causes tension and may contribute to illness. What can environments do to reduce stress, and how do they increase stress? Isovist Theory4 is an observation that bigger, more open spaces actually contribute to increased stress levels, such as New York’s Times Square, Washington DC’s Western Plaza, or LA’s Pershing Square. Conversely, smaller, more crisply defined spaces (New York’s Paley Park, Washington DC’s Eastern Market or LA’s Grand Central Market) reduce stress and increase resilience, or the ability to recover from illness, depression or adversity. The same is found in interior spaces, particularly the ability to have a clear visual understanding of a space.  Research points to the user’s ability to have some control to influence their environment as a key factor for well-being.

For BAM, we’ve seen clear benefits first hand.  For example, we designed one of the first Hybrid Operating Rooms (HOR) in the US specifically designed with user controls. The patient controls environmental factors in the room such as lighting color. Asserting control of their room produced calmer, less anxious patients for which medical staff reported lower use of anesthesia. Business wise, this has a direct bottom line impact. Lower anesthesia usage reduces risks and shortens patient recovery time.

3. "Creativity" is a word for amateurs.  We are"Experimentalist".5

---  Spoken by Eric Kandel. Attributed to Jeff Koons.

We solve problems.  Architects build bridges across the chasm between the subconscious brain and reality.  Creative people have greater capacity to control the natural aggression of the subconscious toward a critical analysis of beauty.  Known as Neuroaesthetics, this skill can be developed to better connect creativity to practical applications and experimentation.

The concept of being “experimentalist” may be more easily understood as working versus playing. Looking at some of the most successful people in the world of art, science and business, there is one thing that stands out: When people are really inspired by what they are doing, it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between when they are working or playing. This was the case between the architect Louis Kahn and the scientist Jonas Salk. While they spoke different professional languages, the one word observed they had in common was play. May you be one of those people where the world can’t tell if you are at work or at play.

Eager to see conference videos and learn more about the speakers? Visit the ANFA site here!


1. Cattaneo et.al. 2014
2.Bermudez, J PhD, Chatterjee, A. PhD, Magsamen, S. Connor, E PhD. NeuroAesthetics Initiative at Johns Hopkins Brian Science Institute.
3. Fich, LB PhD, 2016. Can the design of space alter stress responses?
4. Knoll, M. PhD, 2016. Environmental factors related to perceived stress in open public spaces.
5. Attributed to Jeff Koons by Eric Kandel. Jeff Koons, Artist-In-Residence, Columbia University, Department of Neurology.

BAM + Make-A-Wish

BAM + Make-A-Wish


In our own small way, we strive to make the world a better place through design.  Whether we are creating a tranquil space for a newborn baby or supporting a scientist’s research to cure an illness, our core values speak to improving the world.

Each year, we make a donation to the Make-A-Wish Foundation as part of our commitment to positive change. We are glad to support Make-A-Wish in its mission of granting “the wish of every child diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition.”

This year, Peter was one of many kids whose wish was granted. Never having been in an airplane, Peter’s wish was to fly. Learning of Peter’s passion for the US Navy and his desire to be a pilot, Make-A-Wish took Peter’s dream one step further.

See what change looks like. In the video below, watch Peter’s excitement as he flies alongside naval aviators, boards a Naval Aircraft Carrier, sits in the Admiral’s chair, and pilots the helm of the ship.

IFMA Awards for Excellence 2016


Dan Castner of BAM has received an IFMA Awards for Excellence nomination as a Distinguished Chapter Volunteer: Service Provider Member.  This award is presented not to a company, but to an individual “who has shown an outstanding commitment to the Chapter by participating in Chapter events and programs and by volunteering on a committee.”

Dan was previously named Distinguished Associate Member at the 2015 IFMA Awards for Excellence for outstanding leadership within the organization at an international level. Dan’s architectural creativity lent itself to event planning, as Dan initially left his mark on IFMA by arranging a highly popular wine tasting.  The fundraiser was so popular that the amount of guests surpassed the expected registration and it became an annual August fundraiser. His leadership extends to IFMA’s World Workplace conference, where Dan previously served as a seminar moderator, contributed to educational sessions and continuously highlights specific conference topics to influence local chapter events. His dedication to IFMA led to his position as Vice Chair of the Programs Committee, allowing him to work closely with the Chair to shape the educational, social, and fundraising events throughout the year.  Dan is spearheading a collaboration between the Hudson Valley and New York City Chapters, offering several programs to benefit members outside of the New York City region.

The IFMA Awards for Excellence will be held on January 26, 2017 at an awards ceremony and dinner hosted by the New York City IFMA Chapter.

Register to attend the IFMA Awards for Excellence here!

BAM Celebrates Sweet 16

BAM Celebrates Sweet 16


Over the past sixteen years, we at BAM are thankful for the creative collaborations with our clients, consultants and each other.

To commemorate our sixteenth birthday, a variety of vibrant images were designed to acknowledge this milestone. Each of our clients and consultants received a different image in our anniversary email. You may recognize one of the images among those featured in our exciting, color-rotating 16 above! Which one did you receive?


Opening: Reorg Research

On October 6th, Reorg Research held a soiree to celebrate the opening of its new workplace designed by the BAM team. The sleek open-office reflects the client brand by incorporating blue throughout the space. Diverse light fixtures and scarlet seating in collaborative areas serve as striking design accents. A notable element is the entry wall featuring the Reorg Research name and local time for New York, London, and Los Angeles. Reorg Research commented that employee morale has skyrocketed in the new office, and the client team expressed their excitement over BAM’s specific design details throughout the evening.

Gray Space: Ross Cole Interview in Real Estate Weekly

Gray Space: Ross Cole Interview in Real Estate Weekly



Following the successful CoreNet panel Working in Gray Space, Holly Dutton of Real Estate Weekly interviewed BAM Principal Ross Cole about his insights on how Gray Space is transforming the future of office real estate.

Read the article at Real Estate Weekly.

Photography © CoreNet

2016 IFMA Foundation Fundraiser

2016 IFMA Foundation Fundraiser


Four years ago, Dan Castner of BAM arranged a summer wine tasting event for IFMA NYC. The wine tasting drew double the expected attendance, and was so successful that it became an annual fundraiser on the IFMA NYC calendar.

On August 18th, join Dan and the members of IFMA NYC for a jovial event to increase awareness of facilities management and raise scholarship funds for students who are pursuing a future in the profession.  Click to download the invitation.

Interested in donating a silent auction item, naming a horse or sponsoring a table? Contact Daniel Castner at dcastner@bam-studio.com  or Taylor West at info@ifmanyc.org or 212-986-1609

BAM: Bioscience Innovation through Warehouse Transformation

BAM: Bioscience Innovation through Warehouse Transformation

LA Bioscience graphic_5

What makes for a successful design of a life science facility?

The Urban Land Institute Los Angeles and the LA Bioscience Hub arranged a panel of experts to discuss the forces shaping architectural design of the fast paced, dynamic field of life science research.  Brian Spence, founding principal at BAM Architecture Studio, served as the sole architectural voice on the panel.

Brian used a case study model to articulate how to take advantage of recent biotech design trends.  He first identified the design trends.  Then, he presented one real world design solution to the R&D community in LA’s flourishing BioScience Corridor.

Three Trends affecting design of Life Science Facilities

Read more

Brian Spence Joins Panel of Life Science Facilities Experts

Brian Spence - ULI LA 2

Brian Spence, founding principal at BAM, has been invited to be an expert panelist on life science facilities by Urban Land Institute (ULI) Los Angeles and the LA Bioscience Hub. The event will focus on the opportunities and hurdles associated with designing for the biosciences.

Join Brian and the other industry leaders as they bring these topics to life through a case study and site tour at the La Kretz Innovation Campus, a hallmark building in clean technology development.

March 29, 2016
5:30 - 8:30pm

La Kretz Innovation Campus
LA Cleantech Incubator (LACI)
525 South Hewitt Street
Los Angeles, 90013 

Register for this event at ULI Los Angeles.

Ross Cole to Attend the Lake Nona Impact Forum

Ross Cole to Attend the Lake Nona Impact Forum

Ross Cole Lake Nona Impact Forum

The Lake Nona Impact Forum has extended an invitation to Ross Cole, architect and principal of BAM Architecture Studio. The invitation-only event brings together international speakers and leaders from a variety of sectors to discuss connections between wellness, sustainable living, and education. A selection of this year’s speakers includes Billie Jean King, Deepak Chopra, MD FACP, and Sanjay Gupta, MD.

BAM would like to offer our congratulations to Ron Cohen, MD, President, CEO and Founder of Acorda Therapeutics, Inc. on being selected as a speaker. Everyone at BAM has enjoyed working with the passionate team at Acorda on truly innovative workplace, science and technology projects for the past five years.

The forum takes place in Lake Nona, a continuously expanding life science community in Orlando, Florida. BAM has been working with Lake Nona since 2012, and recently celebrated the completion of the world class Guidewell Innovation Center.  The three-story, glass and steel Life Sciences building is the first in Lake Nona designed to attract leading health and life sciences companies.

Click to view the Lake Nona Impact Forum 2016 topics.


Thumbnail Headshot Photography © Image Playground Inc. | Nousha Salimi
Post Photography © Albert Vecerka | Esto

BAM + Lake Nona - Driving Innovation, Empowering Collaboration

BAM + Lake Nona - Driving Innovation, Empowering Collaboration

Lake Nona 5

BAM designed this new world class building for Lake Nona Medical City, the Guidewell Innovation Center.  Having just completed construction, it is the first Life Sciences building in Lake Nona Medical City designed to attract the dynamic mix of leading health, life sciences, and education organizations.

The setting of the glass and steel three-story building completes the streetscape, promoting collaboration with the Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute and the University of Florida.  Together, the three facilities form a neighborhood of research and innovation.  The new building is outfitted with offices, research and wet lab facility, and has already attracted leading researchers and scientists.

To learn more, this appeared as a featured building by both Guidewell and Lake Nona.

Photography © BAM Creative

Happy Holidays from BAM Architecture Studio!

Happy Holidays from BAM Architecture Studio!


From BAM to you, warm wishes for a joyous holiday season!

Celebration: Recently Completed Building

Celebration: Recently Completed Building

Regeneron Celebration

BAM held a celebration in honor of a recently completed building we designed for our client, a growing prominent life sciences company. The event included a slideshow recapping notable points throughout the project and photos of many familiar faces from both BAM and the client team. BAM worked very closely with the client facilities team over the course of the project, and the celebration was a wonderful opportunity for all to take pride in the completed building.

With many golfers in attendance from both BAM and the client team, the event was commemorated with golf balls inscribed with “Congratulations” and the project name. Everyone especially enjoyed the putters and golf return provided by BAM, allowing people to practice their swing as a part of the completed building festivities.

Big Ideas and Shaping Trends: SMPS Leadership Lunch

Big Ideas and Shaping Trends: SMPS Leadership Lunch

Join BAM and SMPS at the next Leadership Lunch on May 29th as the panel of industry strategic thinkers discuss key learning experiences on their journey to becoming creative leaders. Learn the forces at play which are changing the services offered by the A/E/C community and how we provide them.

Visit the SMPS website to find out more.

Ross Cole, Dan Castner & Joseph DelPozzo at 2015 Research Facilities Conference

Ross Cole, Dan Castner & Joseph DelPozzo at 2015 Research Facilities Conference

Tradeline Conference Email Blast Image crop
Two of our firm’s Practice Leaders, Ross Cole and Daniel Castner, will share their expertise during this year’s Research Facilities Conference.
Speaking on a panel with Joseph DelPozzo of WSP Group, Ross and Dan will present two leading strategies to attain the research capabilities that allow an institution to stand out.  Comparing case studies on upgrading an existing lab building versus constructing a new lab building, the panel will share best practices that help clients make vital decisions for their organization.

BAM Outing: Grand Central Station Scavenger Hunt

BAM Outing: Grand Central Station Scavenger Hunt

Once every quarter, the team turns their monitors off, puts their pencils down, and gets together for a BAM Outing. Our recent outing brought us Grand Central, where we divided into teams for a mobile scavenger hunt. Among the constellations and famous acorn-topped clock, the teams worked against time to solve clues that took them on a journey throughout the iconic station.


Photography © BAM Creative

Dan Castner: IFMA NYC's 2015 Distinguished Associate Member

Dan Castner: IFMA NYC's 2015 Distinguished Associate Member

Dan Castner IFMA Awards

Dan Castner was presented with the Distinguished Associate Member award at the 2015 IFMA Awards for Excellence. A celebratory dinner was held on January 29th at the Pierre Ballroom in New York City. With 16 nominees in the category, this is a great testament to the contributions Dan has made to the New York City IFMA chapter. Congratulations!


IFMA Awards For Excellence

IFMA Awards For Excellence

Dan Castner IFMA

Dan Castner, an architect and practice leader at BAM, has been nominated as a Distinguished Associate Member of IFMA. This award is presented to members who have “provided sustained, outstanding leadership to a chapter, council and/or the Association at the international level.”

Recently named Programs Committee Co-Chair in 2014, Dan has planned numerous successful events through IFMA, such as the summer wine tasting, which was so popular that it doubled the expected attendance to the program. The success of this fundraising effort led to his selection as one of the IFMA members to present a $20,000 donation, the largest donation of any chapter in the world, at IFMA’s World Workplace event. Dan has attended World Workplace for the past two years, and in 2014 served as an education session moderator. Besides his success in fundraising, Dan also spearheaded a joint chapter event between the New York City and Westchester/Hudson Valley chapter, and continues to plan events to bring the two chapters together.

The award winner will be announced January 26th at a dinner hosted by the New York City IFMA chapter. Best of luck, Dan!

Thumbnail Headshot Photography © BAM Creative

Ribbon Cutting: Yale New Haven Hospital Pediatric MRI

Ribbon Cutting: Yale New Haven Hospital Pediatric MRI


ynhh_pedi_mri_ribbon_cutting_300dpiYale New Haven Hospital unveiled the Pediatric MRI Suite with a ribbon cutting ceremony celebrating the new beach-themed space that’s putting smiles on children’s faces. Designed by BAM, the suite includes a custom-made sandcastle MRI machine and kid-friendly illustrations filling the walls. Click the video below to see how one little boy reacts to his new surroundings.

New Pediatric MRI Suite takes young cancer patients to the beach
Source: News 8 WTNH


Photography © BAM Creative
Ribbon Cutting Photography © Yale New Haven Health

BAM Takes Part in 'We Care' Event in Raleigh

BAM Takes Part in 'We Care' Event in Raleigh


In the spirit of the holidays, BAM’s North Carolina office participated in We Care, an event hosted by Herman Miller and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Children in need were invited to a holiday celebration with different craft stations where they made holiday gifts for family and friends. Tayler, Mark and Ray set up a station where the kids decorated planters to house loblolly pines, a tree native to the region.trees1Not only was this craft a fun activity for the kids, planting of native trees helps the environment by promoting nesting of local bird species, increasing the population of native grasses, and helping to build the overall animal population. Teaching kids how to invest in the future of the planet helps encourage a sense of purpose, global thinking and compassion. A gift that keeps on giving!

Photography © BAM Creative

BAM on Screen: Our Work on TV

BAM on Screen: Our Work on TV

Broadcast HeaderBroadcast

Photography © NBC Universal

Typographic Doodles: Today at BAM!

Typographic Doodles: Today at BAM!

This evening, BAM will  host a showing of the artwork of illustrator, Kat Weiss. Click here to check out some of her work.


Open House: Robert Silman Associates

Open House: Robert Silman Associates

robertsilmanblog9Pam and Ross Cole, principals at BAM, joined Robert Silman Associates in celebrating the recent move of their New York office. Ross and Pam attended an open house held at their new, 32 Old Slip location in New York’s Financial District.

Robert Silman Associates, leaders in the structural engineering industry, have earned recognition for their innovative spirit and their commitment to sustainable design.

Congratulations on a beautifully designed new office!

Opening: Warby Parker Venice Beach

Opening: Warby Parker Venice Beach


Warby Parker, the popular purveyor of vintage-style eyeglasses, recently celebrated the grand opening of its Venice Beach location. The façade was designed by BAM and includes a mural by local artist, Geoff McFetridge.

Photo: Hollywood Reporter/Billboard

IFMA NYC Donates $20,000

IFMA NYC Donates $20,000

IFMA Donation

Real Estate Weekly:
“The New York City Chapter of the International Facility Management Association (IFMA NYC) presented a donation check of $20,000 to the IFMA Foundation at The World Workplace Facility Conference and Expo at the Franklin Institute in New Orleans. IFMA NYC celebrated the 25th anniversary of the IFMA Foundation by presenting the check at the 2014 World Workplace Silver Jubilee Casino Night in New Orleans, the largest fundraiser of the year. All proceeds from the fundraiser benefit the IFMA Foundation in support of research critical to Facility Management, students studying Facility Management, Facility Management higher education plus raising awareness of the profession and making it a career of choice.”

Pictured 4th from left is Dan Castner of BAM. Dan is an active member of IFMA NYC, helping to lead their fundraising efforts.

Photography © Real Estate Weekly

Groundbreaking: Lake Nona GuideWell Innovation Center

Groundbreaking: Lake Nona GuideWell Innovation Center

Lake Nona GuideWell Groundbreaking
BAM is pleased to announce the groundbreaking of GuideWell Innovation Center at Lake Nona Medical City on October 30, 2014. Designed by BAM, the 92,000 square-foot office, research and wet lab facility in the heart of Lake Nona Medical City will be the epicenter of health and life sciences innovation. The world-class center will also include a life sciences incubator to be managed by the University of Central Florida in partnership with the University of Florida.

Lake Nona GuideWell Innovation Center Sketch

BAM to Host SMPS Leadership Discussion

BAM to Host SMPS Leadership Discussion heading element.


Join BAM and SMPS as we host Gale Moutrey’s discussion, Leadership Cachet: Lessons Learned on a Journey of Change.

“We made intentional efforts to strengthen our culture by reaching out in an honest and authentic way to our employees, our board, our investors and our customers.” Gale Moutrey, VP Global Communications for Steelcase Inc, a global enterprise.  Gale will discuss key learning’s both she and the Steelcase leadership team experienced on their journey to becoming a globally integrated enterprise with a clear sense of purpose and brand promise, as Steelcase enters their 102 years in business. Her discussion will focus on what she calls “leadership cachet” which to her is essentially a set of principles or ideas about how to be effective leaders during times of change.   As she said “They incorporate elements of what I call ‘quiet leadership’, thoughtful storytelling and an environment of inclusion.”

Gale Moutrey is Vice President of Communications, for Steelcase Inc.  Named to this role in January 2014, Gale leads the global teams responsible for all internal and external communications, including brand and product communications, employee communications, shareholder and investor communications, public relations, research communications, conferences, tradeshows, events, channel communications, digital marketing and showrooms.

Previously, Gale was vice president of Brand Communications, a role she assumed in 2011.  Gale has held a variety of sales leadership, product marketing and communications roles since joining Steelcase Canada in 1984.  She holds a bachelor degree in English from the University of Toronto, Canada and a marketing degree from Ryerson University in Toronto. She lives in Toronto with her husband, Barry and their four children.

For over 100 years Steelcase has been working with the world’s leading organizations to help them create places that amplify the performance of their people, teams and enterprise. Steelcase and its family of brands offer a comprehensive portfolio of products, applications and experiences, all designed to support social, economic and environmental sustainability. Steelcase is a global, industry-leading and publicly traded company with fiscal revenue of 2.9 billion.

A one-hour lunch-time gathering exploring the fundamentals of leadership, the skills necessary to develop leadership abilities, and the challenges we meet as leaders. This is a brown bag event. Please bring your own food and drink.

May 30, 2014
12:30 – 1:30pm

32 Sixth Avenue
New York, NY 10013

Register for this event at SMPS NY.


Brian Spence Joins the WAN Healthcare Awards International Jury

Brian Spence Joins the WAN Healthcare Awards International Jury

Brian Spence - WAN JurorBrian Spence, a principal at BAM, has been announced as a juror for the WAN Healthcare Awards. In its 6th year, this competition brings together high-profile people from the design and healthcare industries to award and promote successful and influential projects from around the world.

Click to view the WAN Awards 2014 International Jury.

The New York Times: Harlem Biospace

The New York Times: Harlem Biospace

Harlem Biosapce New York Times_2Click above to read The New York Times article profiling Harlem Biospace, a recent project designed by BAM, which brings incubator space focused on biotechnology  to New York City.

Photography: Suzanne DeChillo/The New York Times

Forbes: Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

Forbes: Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

Regeneron and BAM have shared a long working relationship, partnering to create life science spaces catered to pharmaceutical research. Check out some of our work in the video above, and listen as Regeneron CEO Leonard Schleifer discusses risk and reward and what has brought them to where they are today.

View the full article at Forbes.com.

Thumbnail © Albert Vecerka | Esto

BAM Welcomes Robert Federico + Helen Cohen

BAM Welcomes Robert Federico and Helen CohenRobert Federico

With over 20 years of experience as a senior project designer and Senior Associate, Robert recently joined BAM Architecture Studio as Workplace Practice Leader. Though his focus is workplace design, Robert also provides advanced in-house design innovation and successful marketing strategies. He is actively involved with students of higher learning, applying his knowledge and experience as a juror at FIT, Pratt and the New York School of Interior Design. Robert has been published in Architectural Record, Interior Design and Pratt Journal of Architecture. Formerly a Senior Associate at Gensler, Robert gained useful experience working on large-scale projects for clients such as Morgan Stanley, The New York Public Library and Chadbourne and Park, LLP.

Helen CohenWe are pleased to welcome Helen K. Cohen, AIA, as Healthcare Practice Leader. Helen comes to BAM with over 25 years of experience in healthcare planning, design and construction. Helen is both Lean Healthcare and LEED BD+C certified and has long served on the AIA NYC Chapter Health Facilities Committee, as chair from 2004 to 2010, and is now AIA AAH Regional Coordinator. As Healthcare Practice Leader, she will lead the staff in projects that reflect the needs of our clients: providing innovative, efficient and cost-effective approaches to healthcare delivery, materials and technology. Helen’s experience includes work at many NYC hospitals, such as Mt. Sinai Medical Center, New York Presbyterian, Memorial Sloan-Kettering, NYC Health and Hospitals Corporation, as well as for the OSU Medical Center and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Photography © BAM Creative

SCOR Relocating to Willis Tower

SCOR Relocating to Willis Tower

CrainWillis Tower_Michiel van Dijk‘s Chicago Business recently announced that one of our long-time clients, SCOR Reinsurance, would be relocating their Itasca, Illinois office to the Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower) in downtown Chicago. BAM and SCOR have worked on numerous projects, including their headquarters in New York, and their recent move into Bank of America Plaza in Charlotte, North Carolina. SCOR is one of the world’s largest reinsurance companies, and BAM has enjoyed working with them on strategic design to evolve their culture and showcase their bold character. The Willis Tower is the largest office space in Chicago and has over 3.5 million square feet of office space. With SCOR as a new tenant, the Willis Tower is 88% leased, which is above the market average and an accomplishment for a building of its size. SCOR will be joining corporate giants such as United Continental Holdings, Motorola Mobility Unit and Hillshire Brands Co.

View the full article here.

Photography © Michiel van Dijk

Cisco Names Lake Nona the First Iconic Smart+Connected City in U.S.

Cisco Names Lake Nona the First Iconic Smart+Connected City in U.S.

Cisco - Lake NonaBAM has recently been working with Lake Nona on their  Medical City located in central Florida. The campus is planned around the idea that multiple facilities  working in tandem accelerates innovation. Lake Nona Medical City promises to become home to top medical institutions and is already making Orlando a global destination for health care. Lake Nona is working with the Sanford-Burnham Research Institute and the University of Florida’s Academic & Research Center to provide top quality health care and economic opportunity for central Florida.

Technology giants, such as Cisco,  have recognized the potential of the Medical City and have partnered with Lake Nona to help realize the project’s full potential. The Orlando Sentinel reported that Cisco, “named Lake Nona an Iconic Smart + Connected City, a designation granted to only eight other cities in the world.” Cisco’s president of globalization and Smart+Connected Communities, Anil Menon, stated, “Lake Nona has the honor to be the first city in the United States to receive this distinction.”

BAM is excited to continue our work with Lake Nona, providing design and consulting for the Medical City.

Further reading:
Orlando Sentinel
Lake Nona

Gingerbread Contests from Coast to Coast

Gingerbread Contests from Coast to Coast

Gingerbreadcompetition1230-04BAM California and North Carolina got into the holiday spirit this year by participating in local gingerbread house competitions.

The North Carolina office won first place at a competition in Cary, NC for their design based on the Snow Building in downtown Durham. The California office won second place at an event hosted by the Los Angeles chapter of the AIA and the Southern California chapter of the IIDA. Their gingerbread house was modeled after the iconic Capitol Records building in downtown Los Angeles.Gingerbread Contest - Capitol Records

One of the hosts, Sarah Glass at Kimball Office, noted the popular design was auctioned for the highest price of the night, the proceeds of which went to a charitable organization.

NYC Mayor's Office: Official Opening of Harlem Biospace

NYC Mayor's Office: Official Opening of Harlem Biospace

Harlem Biospace AnnouncementOn Tuesday, the New York City Mayor’s office announced the official opening of Harlem Biospace and a $100-million early-stage life-science fund. Sixteen New York City biotech companies are already slated to utilize the space; a design collaboration between BAM Architecture Studio and the owner, Sam Sia. The biotech companies come from various facets of the life science industry, conducting research that will lead anywhere from new drugs against prostate, lung and other cancers, to developing new diagnostics for allergies and infectious diseases. View the full article here.

An open house will be held Friday, December 13th from 5:00 to 6:30 at 423 W 127th Street in New York.

Photography: NYCECD, Emon Hassan, Team Kiiln

Caring House: Durham, NC

Caring House: Durham, NC

Caring Housecaring_house_durham_kitchen1_300dpiCaring House in Durham, NC is a 12,900 square foot building associated with Duke Cancer Center that provides affordable housing for patients and their caregivers. The environment is built for comfort – a screened in porch, water garden with koi pond and a library all work toward re-creating a feeling of home. BAM upheld this aesthetic with a friendly color palette and open plan in the kitchen. Designed as a communal area, it allows for versatility between larger and smaller groups with multiple appliances, ample storage, and plentiful counter space.

Photography © BAM Creative

On Site: Crane Lift

On Site: Crane Lift

Regeneron Crane LiftOne of only two that exist on the east coast, this 600 ton hydraulic crane was used recently on a project BAM is working on in Tarrytown, NY. Only the second largest of its kind behind the 725 ton, what makes this crane special is its 164 foot mobile boom. The scale of this crane, combined with the size of the boom, made it the only machine able to lift the substantial mechanical equipment and cooling fans into place.

Photography © BAM Creative

Los Angeles Business Journal: BAM Opens LA Office

Los Angeles Business Journal: BAM Opens LA Office

Los Angeles Business Journal

Frequent Flyer: Ross Cole in The Real Deal

Frequent Flyer: Ross Cole in The Real Deal

The Real Deal - Private Planes

WNYC: Biotech Comes to Harlem

WNYC: Biotech Comes to Harlem

WNYC - Harlem Biospace

BAM's 2013 NeoCon Highlights

BAM's 2013 NeoCon Highlights

BAM Architecture Studio at NeoCon 2013
Nicole and Darwen, Interior Designers at BAM, recently came back from a trip to Chicago where they attended NeoCon. NeoCon is a yearly event where vendors show off the latest and greatest in products for corporate, hospitality, healthcare, retail, government, institutional and residential interiors. For anyone working in the industry, this event is an important resource, as the field of interior design is constantly evolving. Back in New York, Darwen and Nicole shared with us their new-found knowledge of everything from the fun (kinetic benches, anyone?), to the practical (collaborative desk systems), to the interactive (wall-sized touch screens).

BAM in the Classroom: Brian Spence Talks to Students About Architecture

BAM in the ClassroomThe School for Visual Arts and Humanities  at the Robert F. Kennedy Community School welcomed BAM's Brian Spence into the classroom to talk about the field of architecture. Besides discussing what an architect does and how to become one, Brian spoke about how the geometry the students learn in school relates to the world around them. He showed the students how basic shapes translate into architecture, such as the Pyramids and the Pantheon, as well as how ratios found in nature can also be found in the built environment.

The Robert F. Kennedy Community School is a complex of six pilot schools, located at the site of the former Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. It is the most expensive public school ever built in the US and currently houses over 4,000 students.

Welcome 2013 Summer Interns!

Welcome 2013 Summer Interns!

BAM Architecture Studio Summer 2013 Interns

Collaborative Workspaces: BAM in Medical Office Today

Medical Office Today - BAM Architecture StudioBrian Spence, of BAM Architecture Studio, speaks to Medical Office Today about the benefits of collaborative workspaces in the healthcare environment. If you are a subscriber, read the article here or click below for the full text.

Medical Office Today - How to Create a Collaborative Workspace

BAM Designing Communal Lab For Harlem Biospace

The Wall Street JournalBiotechs Set to Bud in Harlem
BAM Architecture Studio - Harlem Biotech ExteriorPhoto: Adrienne Grunwald for The Wall Street Journal

BAM is working with Harlem Biospace to design a collaborative environment which combines affordable laboratory space with access to equipment and programming - a first of its kind in New York City. If you are a subscriber, click here to read the full article at The Wall Street Journal. The article text is also available below.Map - West Harlem BiospaceThe Wall Street Journal - Harlem Biospace

The Architect's Newspaper: Studio Visit

The Architect's Newspaper: Studio Visit

Architects Newspaper - In The Studio - HeaderArchitects Newspaper - In The Studio
BAM recently welcomed The Architect’s Newspaper to our New York office for an interview as part of the publication’s ‘Studio Visit’ series. We shared many of our recent and upcoming projects including those at Acorda Therapeutics, NBC Universal and Yale New Haven Hospital. Click here to read more.
Photography © Albert Vecerka / Esto and  Jim Fiora

Friday in the Studio

Friday at BAM 04-05-13

BAM’s New York studio in real time –  a literal explosion of creativity. We are certainly enjoying this beautiful Friday afternoon. Well, except for those of you who want to play ping pong…as you see, the table has been temporarily re-purposed. Sorry folks!

Recent Work: NBC Studio 1A

NBC Studio 1A

BAM and NBC continue to collaborate to stay ahead of the competition on delivering entertainment content through multiple outlets. Our recent collaboration renovated The Today Show green rooms to reflect the caliber of talent appearing on this popular show. BAM infused an energetic color palette throughout multiple technical and support spaces to unify and amplify The Today Show brand identity for their guests and employees.

Click here for more information about this project, or check out  www.bam-studio.com for more examples of our work with  NBC.
Photography © Albert Vecerka / Esto

BAM Donates Services to High School Life Science Lab Renovation

BAM Donates Services to High School Life Science Lab Renovation

Lincoln High School

BAM's Dan Castner Joins IFMA

BAM’s Dan Castner Joins IFMA

IFMA - Dan Castner
The New York City chapter of IFMA recently welcomed Dan Caster of BAM as a new member. IFMA is an organization for those who work for, and in tandem with, the facilities industry and are looking to advance their profession through the group’s resources and opportunities.

Welcome Spring 2013 Interns

Welcome Spring 2013 Interns

Welcome to the team!

Spring 2013 Interns

Biotech Headquarters on Architizer

Acorda - Architizer - Winter 2012Check out Architizer to see a project we recently completed in Westchester County. Life sciences is a booming industry in this region, which encompasses 60% of the nation's pharmaceutical industry.

Video: Yale New Haven Hospital and BAM

BAM's work with Yale New Haven Hospital has been featured in a commercial highlighting the cardiovascular capabilities the hospital has to offer. Proof that great things can happen when you combine science and design.

Podcast: Designing a Workout

Listen to BAM's latest podcast, Designing a Workout:

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Welcome Grete!

Welcome Grete!

Join us in welcoming the newest (and cutest) member of our team - Grete!
Congratulations Dan and Heather!

Fall Interns and BAM Studio

Fall Interns and BAM Studio

BAM would like to welcome our new fall interns:
Elma (Interior Design), James (Architecture) and Deandra (Management)
Welcome to the team!

Meet the Architects and Engineers: Brian Spence

Brian Spence, a Principal at BAM Architecture Studio, was recently asked to speak at an event hosted by PWC entitled "Meet the Architects and Engineers."

What makes us tick? How have we maintained success over the years? What is the future of BAM? All these answers and more are found in Brian's lecture, take a look:

Stream this video on YouTube.

Crain's New York: Execs Who Wing It

Ross Cole, a Principal at BAM Architecture Studio, was interviewed and photographed for an article in Crain's New York about the use of personal aircraft as a business tool. Ross' home base is New York, but he is able to fly to clients all over the country and meet with them in person, a competitive advantage, especially when the wind is at your back.

If you subscribe to Crain's, read the online version here.

Gallery Talk and Party at BAM Studio

Gallery Talk and Party at BAM Studio

BAM recently held a gallery talk which allowed us to discuss our recent work with others in the studio. We were able to connect through a critique session where we celebrated our achievements alongside a discussion of where we see our designs heading in the future. After our discussion the celebration continued, but not before taking the opportunity to snap a BAM family photo:

BAM Welcomes Three New Hires

BAM Welcomes Three New Hires

BAM in The Washington Post

BAM in The Washington Post

Dan Castner of BAM Chosen as Finalist in Dwell's LEGO® Modern Home Design Competition

Dan Castner of BAM Chosen as Finalist in Dwell's LEGO® Modern Home Design Competition

Dan’s Cliffside Cantilever has been voted as one of the top five finalists in a design competition hosted by Dwell Magazine, where participants designed and constructed models of modern homes using only LEGO® products.

Dan will go on to attend Dwell’s “Dwell on Design” showcase in Los Angeles, where the five finalists will be judged by a jury of LA-based design professionals.

Click here to see all the finalists.

Congratulations Dan!

Video: Rethinking Social Infrastructure

"Unless you really begin with the parameters of reality, you end up amputating your ambitions quite quickly." - Bjarke Ingels, Architect


Inside BAM

We are constantly changing and evolving our design environment.

Listen to some of our inspiration that has resulted in changes to how we work inside BAM:
Designing Spaces for Creative Collaboration

Culture, Growth, and Origins

Culture, Growth, and Orgins

Get a sneak peek into our world with a three part documentary series which explores BAM's culture, growth and origins. Not only that, you'll be able to meet the BAM team and get a glimpse of our newly expanded and renovated loft space in Soho.




Architects Georgina Lalli and Shi Guo Join BAM Architecture Studio

Architects Georgina Lalli and Shi Guo Join BAM Architecture Studio

View the article at RealEstateRama.com

Lunch with BAM

Here's a sneak peek into BAM's weekly lunch meeting. Today we ordered from Peep...

BAM in Real Estate Weekly

BAM in Real Estate Weekly

BAM Architecture Studio Adds to Its Growing Team

BAM Architecture Studio Adds to Its Growing Team

View the article at RealEstateRama.com

BAM on ArchNewsNow.com

ArchNewsNow.com featured an article written by Ross Adam Cole discussing the role of design in the creation of Hybrid Operating Rooms.

View the article at ArchNewsNow.com

BAM in Perspective: The Consulting Advantage

Ross Adam Cole was quoted in the Summer 2011 issue of Perspective in an article discussing designers utilizing their knowledge to become strategic consultants. Perspective is a published by the International Interior Design Association.

View the article at iida.org

BAM in Metropolis Magazine



BAM Architecture Studio was featured in the October 2011 issue of Metropolis, which highlighted our work with Yale New Haven Hospital and St. Vincent's Medical Center.

View the article at MetropolisMag.com

Welcome to our Blog!

Welcome to our Blog!

Photography © Albert Vecerka | Esto

Opening: Reorg Research

Opening: Reorg Research

On October 6th, Reorg Research held a soiree to celebrate the opening of its new workplace designed by the BAM team. The sleek open-office reflects the client brand by incorporating blue throughout the space. Diverse light fixtures and scarlet seating in collaborative areas serve as striking design accents. A notable element is the entry wall featuring the Reorg Research name and local time for New York, London, and Los Angeles. Reorg Research commented that employee morale has skyrocketed in the new office, and the client team expressed their excitement over BAM’s specific design details throughout the evening.

Photography © BAM Creative