Design Standards +
Multiple Locations

BAM collaboration with SCOR began over 15 years ago. In that time BAM has worked closely with SCOR to develop and apply standards across offices in North America and South America. Our long-term relationship has meant that BAM helped establish and evolve SCOR’s design standards for consistency across offices in a wide range of regions and sizes. Our team is actively engaged in maintaining and updating the design standards as business evolution changes functional needs and company-wide

As a part of our offerings, BAM has created a website where content is being developed in conjunction with SCOR stakeholders. Generating excitement about design developments with end users, the website shares change management information, project updates, and new health and bonding initiatives the company is pioneering such as company yoga, fitness, and cooking classes.

As part of the programming process, a connector building was required. The Connector Building was envisioned in the program to also serve as a major gathering space for the 500,000 square foot group of buildings.

Working closely with a comprehensive team of consultants and managers, the thoroughness of the program enabled seamless work with the design team and integration with the existing facilities. The project was completed on schedule and on budget and was very well received by the end users. BAM has since gone on to master plan and program several more projects for Regeneron.