Yale New Haven Health
Shoreline Medical Center
Heart+Vascular Master Plan
Guilford, Connecticut

To continue providing convenient patient care, Yale New Haven Health is growing to offer more locations throughout Connecticut. At Shoreline Medical Center, BAM is working closely with the Heart and Vascular team to transform the patient experience. Shoreline faces the challenge of housing three departments of Heart and Vascular, the Women’s Center and the shared department of Administration in a space designed for individual tenants. As a result, wayfinding between departments has been difficult for both patients, visitors, and staff alike. BAM’s design streamlines the paths of travel by consolidating staff workstations in the center of the space and exam rooms, offices, and treatments room radiate outward. The new layout improves workflow, opened up space for additional exam rooms, and provides a clear route to the elevator and stairwell. Upon arriving to the appropriate floor, patients and visitors are greeted by welcoming reception areas for each department.