Value Propositionfor Media Design

Media design is dynamic for common areas or transient spaces. An interactive component can be added to enhance occupant experience.

Unique feature for the building design and can attract positive attention for occupants and donors.

Content is editable and can be kept current. Potential donor walls can be expanded with flexibility.

Media Canvases

Here are potential media canvases throughout the building that can be developed as display surfaces and digital interactive areas.

Display Installations

LED Screen

Still or moving images can be integrated with architectural surfaces, such as expansive walls. Content can vary from time of day or season to season.

Projection Mapping

Projected image or video adds dynamic layer to static elements. The surface could be anything from a sculptural element to a blank wall surface.

Interactive Installations

Active Engagement

Pleasant distractions create moments of joy for families dealing with stressful circumstances.


Digital content can respond to occupants movements to create lively or subtle digital scenes.