The number of reported anti-Asian hate incidents since March 2020.

BAM Creative stands with the Asian and Pacific Islander community in fighting against racism and anti-Asian hate crimes. Hatred has no place in a country in which we want to live. To support the AAPI community during this time, we want to highlight organizations that raise awareness and offer resources for people to learn more, take action and donate:

Show Your Support

Support organizations fighting racism against the Asian and Pacific Islander community.

Take Action

Report instances of anti-Asian assault and crimes at Protect yourself in the face of discrimination or safely stand up for others as an Active Bystander.

Educate Yourself and Others

Read about anti-Asian discrimination and the Asian experience over the past year.

Actively Work With Organizations

Promote, volunteer with, and donate to organizations supporting victims and families of anti-Asian hate crimes and efforts fighting towards social justice for the Asian community.

Raise Awareness

Use your voice and condemn attacks and anti-Asian racism. Spread awareness about racism and how we can all combat racism and implicit bias towards others throughout our daily lives.

Hate Is A Virus

Hate Is A Virus is a nonprofit community of mobilizers and amplifiers that exists to dismantle racism and hate. We started as a movement in April 2020 in response to the rise in hate crimes against AAPI due to the pandemic. Over that past year, we raised $30k+ to help a host of essential, BIPOC community organizations across the nation such as (Act to Change, Kollaboration, Laos in the House, Arts Administrators of Color) and ran two virtual educational events featuring guests like Sandra Oh, Baron Davis, Apolo Ohno, Mirai Nagasu, and more. This year, Hate Is A Virus continues to amplify, educate and activate AAPI to stand for justice and equality in solidarity with other communities.

National Council of Asian Pacific Americans

The National Council of Asian Pacific Americans (NCAPA), founded in 1996, is a coalition of 37 national Asian Pacific American organizations around the country. Based in Washington D.C., NCAPA serves to represent the interests of the greater Asian American (AA) and Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander (NHPI) communities and to provide a national voice for AA and NHPI issues.

Asian Americans Advancing Justice

Rooted in the dreams of immigrants and inspired by the promise of opportunity, Asian Americans Advancing Justice | AAJC (Advancing Justice | AAJC) advocates for an America in which all Americans can benefit equally from, and contribute to, the American dream. Our mission is to advance the civil and human rights for Asian Americans and to build and promote a fair and equitable society for all. Advancing Justice | AAJC is a national 501 (c)(3) nonprofit founded in 1991 in Washington, D.C.

Act to Change

We envision a world where all youth, including within the AAPI community, have the opportunity to grow up feeling proud and supported in the development of their identity and sharing of their stories. Act To Change continues to empower students by advocating for systemic change and providing resources to promote healthy communities.

Stop AAPI Hate

In response to the alarming escalation in xenophobia and bigotry resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, Asian Pacific Planning and Policy Council (A3PCON), Chinese for Affirmative Action (CAA), and the Asian American Studies Department of San Francisco State University launched the Stop AAPI Hate reporting center on March 19, 2020. The center tracks and responds to incidents of hate, violence, harassment, discrimination, shunning, and child bullying against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders throughout the United States.

See below for 3 ways to support Georgia’s AAPI Community during this time:

Response from Asian Americans Advancing Justice

Donate to Atlanta Chapter

Use these hashtags in your social media
#stopaapihate #stopasianhate #diversity #inclusion #inclusionmatters #justice