Over the past 20 years, BAM has grown and evolved to approach design from a holistic perspective, focusing on our client’s goals by helping them shape the future of their organizations. Our 2020 name change to BAM Creative reflects the evolution of our expanded skill sets and better represents our complete service offerings:

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How do clients see shaping the most effective built environments? By applying our deep knowledge in design and leading-edge technologies, we leapfrog our process through a seamless crosspollination of ideas. We bring unexpected talents to the table creating a competitive advantage bringing design into focus. Our team designs and visualizes pioneering solutions through a range of technologies. We work hard to engage clients in easily manageable ways, knowing that for the design or master plan to be successful it must embody a client’s culture and vision for the future.

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When a client’s brand represents who they are, how may they strengthen their culture and create new opportunities? All of the work we do is fueled by the mission and the core values of our client partners. With these as the foundation, we help brands and organizations tell the story about themselves that they want to tell. Through research, dialogue and collaboration, we help them figure out how to reach the communities of people they need to connect with, and what they want to say. Our design services encompass branding and identity development, environmental graphics, digital design and development, motion graphics, video production, and all forms of strategic communication. We help organizations drive business by creating tools and design systems that simplify, clarify and amplify their message.

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Interior Design

What do our clients believe about how the composition of their workspace may amplify their culture? Composing spaces with client culture front of mind, we tap our deep resources of materials, design knowledge and data to create the tools individuals and teams need to leverage the many forms of work clients inhabit today. Sharing ideas between BAM's different practice areas helps our clients keep ideas fresh. Embracing proven concepts keeps those ideas grounded in the buildable world for reliability. With these simple and effective approaches in mind, our designs lead to environments that weave your culture throughout, fostering collaboration and enthusiasm in supporting effective business operations, employee retention and growth.

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Strategic Action

Where do our clients see their company and culture growing and evolving to in the future? How do we most successfully gain employees acceptance of working in a new way? How do we measure the success of cultural transformation? We begin by collaborating with clients, asking simple questions and listening. Working together, we help create an action plan for fusing together their physical environments with their existing processes to move the company forward. Often, the action plan is communicated directly to the employees using a tailored digital platform we build in-house. Communication is the lynchpin in the Strategic Action services we provide.

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