Inside Kevin Harts Stylish Hollywood Office | Open Door | Architectural Digest

Join Kevin Hart and Architectural Digest in a fun and engaging tour celebrating the new Hartbeat space! A partnership between Hartbeat, Studio 7 Design Group, HITT Contracting Inc., AMA Group, and BAM Creative, Kevin Hart shares the key project goals: modern design, open spaces, and comfortable areas for impromptu conversation, collaboration, and fun while working, interviewing, and conducting screenings. BAM brought to life the different areas featured throughout the tour, and a few highlights of Hartbeat include:- An in-house studio to interview talent, including interviews for Hart's projects Gold Minds and Straight from the Hart.- Comfortable collaborative areas to work, entertain, and host, including bars, ample seating areas and offices, and hair/makeup areas.- A theatre to host screenings for events and to give feedback on active projects.- A wardrobe area dedicated to Hart's collaborations with Nike, Spalding, and clothes from his comedy tours and television appearances. BAM also designed the unique digital board above the bar area, to bring another element of fun and company culture. The text ribbon is used to promote and celebrate upcoming movie and tv releases and other exciting news. It can also create a personalized experience for talent, either as a preview to foster excitement before entering the theater or with a warm greeting, such as the "Welcome Architectural Digest Team!" as shown in the video. As Kevin Hart shares during the tour, the design reflects the theme of what he wants Hartbeat to be; an atmosphere of togetherness, of creativity, and of fun. Recently completed, check out the tour video below and click here to see more in the Architectural Digest article!
Thumbnail Image Credit + Video Credit: Architectural Digest