Design should be simple, beautiful, and functional. This core belief informs everything we do. In the digital products that we build, these principles are important above all else because they make commerce easy and they foster consumer trust. Consumer trust is the most important asset a business can invest in. Below are a few of the recent projects we're excited about.

This e-commerce lifestyle brand that focused on luxury cars and vintage timepieces, needed a full suite of design solutions. They needed a logomark and complete identity system that expressed the core values of their brand, an e-commerce website, and a variety of social media, and marketing collateral.

When BAM Creative needed a brand refresh of course they came to their own Branding+Digital team to create something bold, beautiful, and fresh. The project included the development of a complete new identity system, responsive website design and development, motional graphics and video for social media, and many other marketing collateral materials.

Dawn is a data-driven creative and strategic marketing agency. They were a brand new company when they contacted BAM Creative, so they needed a complete package of assets built from the ground up. BAM developed for them a logo and complete identity system, a responsive website, environmental signage, and other marketing collateral materials.

Stephen Cannarelli
Director, Branding+Digital