BAMMER News: Caroline Sarrette, CHOSEN Winner by AI-AP Design Competition

We are excited to announce BAM graphic designer Caroline Sarrette has been named a CHOSEN winner in the AI39, AI-AP (American Illustration – American Photography) design competition. There was no set theme to the competition, instead allowing designers to submit imagery/illustrations in media categories including but not limited to editorial, book cover, poster series, ad campaigns, client projects and/or personal designs.

Check out her editorial design below!

Caroline made this editorial illustration that, to her, represents the proliferation of fake news through social media and other online channels and its impact on the general opinion and the masses. The entire journalism industry is affected by fake news today and it could have devastating consequences.

Reviewed by a series of jurors from HarperCollins Publishing, The New York Times, Anthropologie Home and Mother Jones, Caroline’s design stood out against 7,000 submissions across ideas, mediums and submission categories. As a finalist, her editorial design is eligible to appear permanently on The ARCHIVE – AI-AP’s exclusive online juried collection.


To view Caroline’s design on the AI-AP site, click here.

Congratulations, Caroline!