Halloween Costumes For Creatives!

Looking for last minute costume inspiration? Check out these inspired options for architects, designers and creatives! For a throwback to past architectural Halloweens, check out the below!

1931 Beaux-Arts Ball in New York City.

From left: A. Stewart Walker, the Fuller Building; Leonard Schultze, the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel; Ely Jacques Kahn, the Squibb Building; William Van Alen, the Chrysler Building; Ralph Walker, One Wall Street; D.E. Ward, Metropolitan Life Tower; J.H. Freedlander, Museum of the City of New York City.

A Very Bauhaus Halloween for spookier options! Notice the similarity to an outfit David Bowie wore.

If you don't have time to arrange such elaborate costumes, there are options! This is an easy costume with clothes and props you may easily have lying around. The fenestration quote is optional, and may be swapped out for other industry jargon.

Similar to the above, just change out some items for a jacket, bowtie and pipe!

Have access to a 3D printer? You may print an intricate bracelet to wear with a black dress and dark lipstick.

Hoping to stay warm this chilly Halloween? Peter Marino is the costume for you!

As many of us will be home this year, you may also spookify your house with the following décor and furniture!

And finally, a fun tradition that combines design and Halloween - pumpkin carving!Carved by members of the BAM team, we're proud that the in-house design talents translate across different mediums.