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Designing is like cooking; one must combine the right ingredients, in the right proportions, in order to create a harmonious relationship among varying elements.


Alinea is a restaurant in Chicago that exudes creativity and innovation when it comes to the execution of their culinary arts and an immersive dining experience. The process of developing their concepts is much like the creative process of an architect and designer. The images and video below depict the assembly of the dessert course, using the ingredients to “paint” a surface, similar to how a designer applies different materials to enrich a space. “Alinea” means the beginning of a new train of thought. This word is very fitting for us as designers as well, as we are innovators and thought leaders on the forefront of new ideas. Making art with different dessert ingredients is much like the process of creating a finish palette of assorted materials.


The ancient Japanese technique of Kintsugi, (repairing pottery by fusing broken pieces together with dusted decorative lacquer) translated into the modern world through dinnerware, wall coverings and the innovative repair methods of a basketball court.

Images: Flavor Paper

Rather than repairing the ceramic pieces with a camouflaged adhesive, the Kintsugi technique employs a special tree sap lacquer dusted with powdered gold, silver or platinum. Located in southern Los Angeles, Solomon and his team filled the cracks of the court using gold dusted resin inspired by the historic process. Inspired by the centuries-old Japanese technique of Kintsugi, Victor Solomon repairs a damaged basketball court with gold powder.

Wall Covering | Flavor Paper | Fracture Inspired by the Japanese tradition of Kintsugi pottery. This elegant mural makes the cracks and imperfections the beautiful focal point of the image.



Having fun with food! Use playful and eye catching wall coverings to lighten up a space.

Images: Maharam

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