Morgan Loves Steve (Madden)

As a collector of all the things that belong in my closet, I’ve found a certain love for a specific designer, Steve Madden. As an architectural designer who likes to occasionally wander over to the interiors side, I found a lot of similarities in ordering samples for a project online and shopping for shoes online (characterized by big, happy eyes and a rush of excitement at checkout). So, my inspiration for finishes and vibes within a space comes directly from love for shoes, bags, and all the other accessories. In the same way I decide on an outfit starting from the bottom up, I based mood boards on the individual personalities of the shoe/bag combination. From sassy and sophisticated, to funky fun, casual chic, to boldly feminine; Steve Madden inspired my space!

Shoe-boards with Steve Madden


The shoes and bag are perfect for a Friday night. The matching space should feel bold, modern, and clean.


This isn’t your normal cup of tea, but it’s all fun, nonetheless. This board is all about being outside the box of normalcy, bright, quirky, and a little atypical.


This one is for the worker bee on the go. This one is all about activity and casual comfort, but always stylish.


If Cinderella was a Millennial, she’d probably be wearing these. This board is about a dashing feminine presence.