BAM New Hires +BAM Outing: Bradbury Building

Happy 3 weeks at BAM to the new members of our team! On their first day, the BAM team took an impromptu outing to view and discuss the historic architecture of the Bradbury Building. Glad they took this opportunity for a group photo!
The Los Angeles Conservancy describes the Bradbury Building as "the oldest commercial building remaining in the central city and one of Los Angeles’ unique treasures." The building has also been prominently featured in media including the film Blade Runner, and music videos from Cher and Janet Jackson, to name a few. A bit of a historic mystery surrounds the design, as the Los Angeles Conservancy notes that the identity of the final architect is up for debate. Mining and real estate millionaire Lewis Bradbury initially hired architect Sumner Hunt, who submitted the completed design. Hunt was replaced with George H. Wyman, as "Bradbury felt that Wyman could understand his own vision for the building better than Hunt." However, there is no evidence that Wyman changed the design. Learn more about the Bradbury Building at the Los Angeles Conservancy site.  An interesting bit of history that also speaks to BAM's principles, culture and approach to client and project collaborations:Beautiful design is the starting point, but it is not enough. Listening to clients, understanding their goals, and pouring that knowledge into every element of design is what makes all the difference.

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