NBC Universal
Digital Media Campus
Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey

NBC realized it a space problem. Scattered throughout various floors at 30 Rock, in different buildings and across state lines, their digital media branch didn’t have one central space in which to work. There was also the matter of their property in Englewood, New Jersey – 63,000 square feet of empty space. Looking for a way to reconcile these two issues, NBC reached out to BAM for help. The New Jersey property provided a clear-cut solution; create a space that would serve the needs of all the media branches of NBC. This new building, the Digital Media Campus, would accommodate the requirements of eight departments that would be using it.

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This presented a problem unto itself – how could BAM and NBC convince people accustomed to the amenities of New York to bring their work to New Jersey? Use the talented designers at BAM to create a space with everything the digital media teams could need! The equipment library and editing rooms are in walking distance of cubicles and offices, making it easy to work on a project and then return to your desk. The conference and meeting rooms offer the same convenience, with moving walls that allow for an intimate brainstorming space one afternoon and a large presentation space the next.

Photography © Chuck Choi