CBS Sports
New York, New York

CBS outlined three specific goals for the update of the Sports office: renovate the current office space, expand into the vacant area of the floor, and ensure the space has high-end finishes on a plain vanilla budget.

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Hearing the client requests, BAM designed an environment that went beyond CBS’ expectations. Incorporating the CBS Sports brand into the design, the decorative glass partitions throughout the office feature images of athletes from football, basketball, and other popular sports aired on the CBS network. A key detail of the space is the executive conference room, designed as an oval shape to resemble a football and with complementing light fixtures to mimic the pattern of football laces.

Now complete and occupied, the new workspace houses an executive area and the departments of Administration, Finance, Creative, and Marketing. The heads of each department were thrilled to see BAM’s creative and unifying approach that speaks to the passion of CBS Sports.

Photography © Albert Vecerka | Esto