Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
DNA Learning Center
Sleepy Hollow, New York

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As Regeneron continues to grow, BAM is collaborating with them on a second site located in nearby Sleepy Hollow. A priority of Regeneron’s founders is to support students interested in STEM, and this project realizes their dream of providing an on-site location at Regeneron to welcome and engage students in a real-world laboratory setting. The DNA Learning center was born, and offers a dynamic environment to train scientists of the future. The classrooms are fitted with millwork and lab benches found in other Regeneron labs, introducing students to a formal research and development environment.

Smartboards are featured in the classrooms, allowing the teachers to use the best technology to build upon the science students are working on at their benches. The DNA Learning Center has dedicated entrance for students, and is decorated with colorful graphics and scientifically-inspired hexagonal carpet tiles, to engage students immediately upon entry. Matching the colorful finish standards in other areas of Regeneron, the DNA Learning Center teaches students that science is fun, and the work environment may be fun, too.

Photography © BAM Creative