Yale New Haven Health
Pediatric MRI Suite
New Haven, CT

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Journeying into new techniques of creating holistic, healing environments is the hallmark of BAM and our client, Yale New Haven Health. Partnering with Yale New Haven Health, BAM incorporated ‘distraction therapy’ in the Pediatric MRI Suite to reduce child and parent anxiety, thereby allowing staff to work as easily and quickly as possible. The space is geared toward helping the child feel more comfortable to make their experience in radiology as stress-free as possible.

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Preparation begins before the child enters the room with age appropriate conversations explaining exactly what will happen (no ‘ouchies’, no needles). Children are introduced to the MRI Suite covered in beach themed graphics that extend over all surfaces and culminating in a sand castle which conceals the intimidating medical equipment underneath.

The friendly beach theme, which includes children playing, sand castles being built, and sea-life playing in the waves, is a welcome distraction for the patients and parents. Adding a sense of wonder to the pediatric space lessens anxiety for children undergoing medical procedures. When undergoing a stressful procedure such as an MRI, less anxiety means a lowered chance the children will move during the scan. This reduces their time in the machine, and allows the hospital to attend to more patients in a day.

Photography © BAM Creative