Dan CastnerPresidentIFMA / NYC7/1/21

BAM is excited to announce that, effective July 1, 2021, Dan Castner will be the new president of IFMA NYC.

To celebrate this achievement, we're taking a look back at Dan's journey with IFMA that led to this exciting honor:

2013: Dan joins IFMA as a new member, and makes a splash with a summer wine tasting fundraiser. The tasting drew double the expected attendance, and was so successful it became an annual event on the IFMA NYC calendar. The same model was shared with other chapters across the country.

2014: Helping to lead their fundraising efforts since joining the previous year, Dan joins IFMA NYC as the chapter presents a $20,000 donation to the IFMA Foundation.

2015: Dan wins the Distinguished Associate Member Award at the 2015 IFMA Awards for Excellence, acknowledging his “outstanding leadership within the organization at an international level.”

2017: Dan becomes IFMA Programs Chair and joins a series of IFMA panels.

2019: Dan begins his role as vice president of the IFMA NYC chapter. To foster collaboration between local chapters, Dan pioneers a joint event between the IFMA NYC and IFMA Westchester/Hudson Valley Chapters.

2020: Dan began his role as acting president-elect of the IFMA NYC Chapter. He officially became president-elect on July 1, 2020.

On July 1, 2021, Dan will be the chapter president of IFMA NYC and looks forward to leading the chapter into the future with diversity and collaboration.

Congratulations, Dan!