/ Technology /

BAM utilizes the latest version of REVIT for development of the design work. At the same time, we’ve organized our process to be able to easily communicate with legacy platforms such as AutoCAD.  This enables great flexibility for us to collaborate with a range of consultants.  All the while, our platform enables us to provide the project with the most advanced tools for project efficiency and effectiveness.

/ Virtual Reality /

BAM is a leader in the user of virtual reality and web based collaboration for being able to communicate design ideas in real time, three dimensionally.   As part of our standard process, we utilize both on screen and fully immersive technologies to share, investigate, collaborate, and build designs.

/ Budget /

BAM has developed a long and consistent track record for designing projects to budget.  We wish there was a publicly known record, like a batting average in baseball, showing how consistently well we’ve done at designing to budget.

/ Schedule /

Staying on budget is driven in part by staying on schedule.  BAM has a long and consistent track record of keeping our promises – we are committed to working closely with the entire team to develop accurate and reliable schedules and then completing our work on schedule, every time..

/ Principal Involvement /

We’re architects and designers.  We went into this profession to be architects and designers.  As a result, we’ve grown into a firm with a deep bench of resources and talent, while being careful to maintain principal involvement and leadership on every project.

/ Culture /

We believe in being open, flexible while staying “on-point”, and encouraging collaboration.  Those are the key reasons we started BAM.  It’s the basis for our culture, and we believe a key to our consistent success through two decades of growth.