Interior Design Trends

Trends arise as our shared values shift. As the different design fields of visual art, fashion, user interface/user experience, and product design respond to changes in consumer values and behavior, these concepts also filter in through the design of our interior spaces.

Themes for the upcoming year have been described as ” rebellious optimism”, “quiet brutalism”, and “modern nostalgia.” Recurring elements of warm earth tones, tactile experiences, and organic irregularities will be used to express each theme.

These themes largely respond to the heightened desire for emotional connection and trust. In times of uncertainty, surrounding ourselves with familiar, joyous, and straightforward designs is comforting and inspiring.

Trend Categories

Modern Nostalgia

Rather than referencing a specific time in history, modern nostalgia takes us back to times we lived in our own imaginations. Soft color palettes, matte textures, and irregular forms create a dream-like escape.

Quiet Brutalism

Quiet Brutalism allows our eye to rest on straightfoward, unadorned construction methods that we can trust. Concrete with contrasting medium wood tones and matte, warm tone metals add honest, modest, structure to our surroundings.

Rebellious Optimism

Rebellious optimism challenges the zeitgeist by creating spaces that are defiantly light, bright, and exciting. Broad gestures, bold patterns, and a colorful approach inspire hopefulness and mental resolve.

Warm Earth Tones

Warm Earth Tones feel rich yet informal and familiar, and inspire human connection. These colors recall the integrity of nature.

Organic Irregularities

Organic irregularities make spaces feel unique, playful, and sentimental. Organic embossments and patterns of wear in hard surfaces like wood, concrete, terra cotta, and copper and the soft, flowing forms of textiles, carpet designs, and inviting lounge furniture lead the way.

Tactile Experiences

Tactile Experiences will be communicated through textural juxtapositions like smooth, cool stone against warm, matte wood