Women's History Month 2022

BAM celebrates Women’s History Month by highlighting important women in our lives! The BAM team was excited to participate and shared photos and stories of the women that are special to them.

Natalia Maldonado, Principal at BAM

Natalia picked her mum and Pau.

My mom. She is simply my world ❤
Pau. She is literally my hero! 😊

Pam Cole, Principal and Founder at BAM

Pam picked her paternal mam-maw.

Nora Mae Cole, my paternal mam-maw, was one of the HERoines in my life

My family is from Appalachia, the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains.  Her strong will, clear focus and gorgeous white hair has inspired me to live my best life.  I’m still waiting to get her beautiful white hair and her courage inspires me every day.

Veronica Cruz Fernandez, Architectural Job Captain at BAM

Veronica picked her mother.

Monica Heredia (My mother), Public Works Director/City Engineer, City of Montclair

One of the biggest inspirations in my life is my mother, Monica Heredia. As an immigrant to the US, she instilled the values of working hard, perseverance and dedication, enjoying the big and small things in life, and pursuing educational and professional goals.

Dan Castner, Principal at BAM

Dan picked his mother, sisters, wife, and daughter.

I wouldn’t be the person I am without the women in my life.

My Mother, Monica Castner, was a nurse, and taught me about unconditional empathy and gave me the drive to always search for understanding.  Growing up with my five sisters; Bonnie, Christine, Barbra, Karen, and Maria, all taught me about diplomacy and consensus building.  My wife, Heather, teaches me every day about patience, respect, and humility.  And my daughter, Grete, reminds and teaches me every day about curiosity, humor, optimism and raw enthusiasm.

Caroline Sarrette, Graphic Designer at BAM

Caroline picked sa maman.

Frederique Pinaire, ma maman <3

She is obviously the best mum in the world, and I am not biased! 😉

She was a secretary at University in France but she was a lot more than that. She spearheaded a lot of student programs and supported them through their studies and career paths. Today, she volunteers at Le Secours Populaire to support immigrants and underprivileged people back in my hometown in Besancon. She devoted her life helping others and guided me through everything. I truly admire her for all the things she does and went through in life. <3