Project Scope

The scope of work includes consolidation of Finance and Legal Departments to 513 57th Street 5th Floor, totaling to approximately 16,825 USF. See ‘Basic Services’ in the downloadable Proposal for Programming and Design Services descriptions. Our understanding of the project goals are as follows:

  1. Identify various end-user types by space utilization and their percentages of In-Person vs Remote Working.
  2. Space types will be a combination of workstations, private offices, and shared offices.
  3. Smaller groups will be consolidated into an “Agile” workspace environment, which will provide a combination of end-users working remotely and other end users working a “hybrid” of in-person and remote working, during a typical work week.
  4. A workspace “reservation system” will be used through a software solution.
  5. Confirming that there is adequate workspace and conference support space for end-users to work effectively and comfortably will be a key component of the project.
  6. This design effort is to assist ViacomCBS in determining a project schedule and construction budget.

End users are being consolidated from the following locations (Plans referenced from RFP Document):

News Finance:
555 West 57th Street: 8th Floor – 7,990 USF

GMO Finance:
524 West 57th Street: 2nd Floor – 1,640 USF

Unknown End User Group(s):
Outside of Broadcast Center – 5,000 USF

Network Acct & Shared Services:
524 West 57th Street: 5th Floor – 940 USF

Miscellaneous Spaces
Miscellaneous Spaces identified in RFP, outside of 513 57th Street 5th Floor, to be included in scope:

MPD to utilize 530 West 57th Street 1st Floor as “Agile Space” – 1,255 USF
Drew Barrymore Show to utilize 524 West 57th Street 3rd Floor as Office Space.