A RenownedBroadcast Legend

BAM has been partnering with VIACOMCBS since 2016 in a variety of engagements at the Broadcast Center, 555 57th Street, and Black Rock. Creating spaces that cultivate VIACOMCBS’s core strength in exceptional content delivery and that convey a cohesive brand has been a primary focus for all projects.

COVIDProject Adjustments

Through a tailored project website and working closely with the HR team, BAM assisted the client in easing the employee transition from individual offices to open workstations before and during the pandemic. When the pandemic became widespread during the construction, BAM quickly adjusted the design to accommodate COVID-19 safety. Changes included wide, open public spaces, and placing desks appropriate distance apart and facing away from each other. Glass partitions throughout the workstations are unique design details that offer an extra layer of COVID-19 protection.

BAM Creative is a multidisciplinary design agency. Our designers merge architecture, interior design, branding, and digital media into complete design and communication strategies that allow our clients to tell the stories they want to tell. Below are just two examples of our web and digital work. To learn more about our integrated design capabilities, visit our Branding+Digital portfolio here.

National HistoricLandmark

Maintain the historic feel while upgrading program standards to support the vast network of technology and infrastructure essential for a Fortune 100 media and entertainment company.