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CNBC News Bureau
San Francisco, California

Seeking to expand their presence into the heart of San Francisco, CNBC News looked to BAM to provide input on site selection for potential locations. After visiting several sites, BAM prepared testfits and outlined the benefits and shortcomings at each location to help CNBC make a decision.

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BAM’s guidance helped CNBC execute a lease at One Market Street–an iconic building along the Embarcadero with views of the Bay Bridge and the Ferry Terminal. The team worked closely with CNBC News to determine their needs, and designed a space with the technology and infrastructure required to support a modern news organization. The new location features a television studio and a flashcam interview room with nearby edit rooms, a sound-proof booth for voice-overs, and a green room with a make-up booth for ease of production. An open pantry also doubles as collaborative space. BAM capitalized on the view in the design, setting the workstations and conference rooms along the windowed perimeter of the building. When guests enter the office and studio, they are greeted in a welcoming reception area with an integrated media wall highlighting CNBC media contributions.

Photography © BAM Creative