Insights Papers

Wayfinding or The Art Of Navigation

In this paper, we will define and look at the history of wayfinding and provide an overview of the different wayfinding principles and information systems used in built environments. We will discover how to create a clear wayfinding plan and showcase examples of these systems and how wayfinding is being affected by COVID-19 and new technologies.

AAPI Heritage Month 2021

During this Asian American and Pacific Islanders Heritage Month, BAM celebrates the creatives that inspire us. BAM Creative stands with the Asian and Pacific Islander community in fighting against racism, injustice, and anti-Asian hate crimes.

Work from home+parenting

BAM Profile Series: Life as a working parent during the Pandemic. This post takes you through a great range of experiences as a working from home parent during the pandemic.

Potential Code Changes Due To COVID-19 Pandemic

Emergency Departments have been part of the frontline response to the pandemic since the beginning of the virus outbreak. The evolving crisis meant more people confined to home while testing, albeit insufficient, was developed.  Any given Emergency Department facility needed to change protocols every day.

Parallels Between UX Design and Architectural Design

Even with little overlap on the timeline of history, there are great parallels between UX and Architecture professions. In the near future, the line between these two will be blurred even further, largely due to rapidly developing technologies.

The Livable City

Urban design has come a long way since then and a variety of city planning strategies have emerged overtime. The common denominator among all these developments is the response to human needs during different historical periods.

Outdoor Spaces as Conference Areas and Other Uses

How to use outdoor spaces for conference and other activities with social distancing in mind? We can adapt, by moving meetings outside utilizing existing benches, parking lots, and neighborhood open spaces.

Post Pandemic Facades

The facade is one of the most critical components of a building’s envelope design. The highly developed systems that are now available in modern buildings are high performing and can be climatically responsive.

The Impact of Economic Shifts on the Workplace Over Time

The context of the workplace environment in the United States has evolved significantly as a result of major economic events.

Rethinking Web Meetings

During the pandemic, webcam meetings have become the new normal. However, whether you were aware of it or not, virtual meetings have already been integrated into our pre-pandemic meeting rooms.

Post-Pandemic: Reimagining the Workplace

Many of us spend more time in the office than in our own homes. That is why over time, there has been so much dedication to designing the perfect work environment that feels comfortable while enhancing productivity.

Work From Home

Build transitions into and out of the work day. Put your work away at the end of the day. Make sure to have a well lit space, which can include ambient light, task light, accent light and natural light.

Free-Address: Workplace Strategies by BAM Creative

Free-address work environments improve employee productivity and satisfaction. Less fixed, private space means many organizations have found their real estate costs are reduced when switching to Activity Based Environments.